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Arc Align putter with DYNAMIC ARC TECHNOLOGY alignment system

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The Arc Align with a hosel is a heel and toe weighted mallet-style putter with a grooved, variable depth face, a hollow sole, adjustable weights in the back of the head and alignment markings on the top of the head that make it super easy to align and stroke in a conventional arcing manner. The revolutionary patent pending DYNAMIC ARC is etched onto the top of the head for an unparalleled stroke guidance system. Follow the ARC and the putter face will remain square to the arc throughout the stroke. With this innovation the golfer can now use a visual putting arc in real time. The Arc Align putter “conforms with the rules of golf.”  The face grooves are the Arcroll patent pending “20 Grip Design” which allows only 20 percent of the face to touch the ball, providing significantly enhanced grip on the ball and delivers instant forward roll when stroked properly. The variable depth face (as can be seen from underneath) provides distance control on off-center hits. The MOI is 1.75 inches behind the face for a very consistent force delivery system on all strokes.  The putter is 100% milled from a block of aluminum and has a very durable anodized finish. The standard head weight is 345 grams.  The weight may be adjusted from 325 grams up to 365 grams using standard TaylorMade Spider type weights.  The loft is 3 degrees. The Standard shaft placement is 2/3 offset with a 10 degree toe-hang.  The feel and balance of the putter is superb.  A tour proven Golf Pride mid-size rubber grip and a firm steel shaft with a 72 degree lie, enhance the solid feel.  A magnetic head cover is included.  Right handed only at this time.


33 inch, 34 inch, 35 inch

Shaft positioning

Standard Toe Hang, Face Balanced




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