The science of the DYNAMIC ARC 
A basic physics calculation will confirm that if you execute a perfect arc, and your putter face remains square to that arc, the end result will be a ball rolling end-over-end, on-line, every time.    

For many years, practice putting arcs have been around to help golfers learn that perfect stroke.  And now, Arcroll Putters has positioned a “putting arc” right on top of the putter.  Because the putter head is moving throughout the stroke, the arc on the putter is also moving.  And because the arc is moving with the putter, it can be envisioned as a constantly changing DYNAMIC segment of the full arc.  So now the goal is for the golfer to keep the DYNAMIC ARC on its correct path.  The only way to achieve this is to maintain the orientation of that arc.  And if that orientation is maintained, because the putter head is locked into that orientation, the result is a putter face that remains square to the arc throughout the stroke.  

So, the DYNAMIC ARC not only guides the stroke, it also maintains a perfectly square face throughout that stroke.  It’s simply a matter of physics.  This is exactly why the best teachers suggest that the proper stroke begins by taking the putter back slightly inside the intended line of the putt.  The DYNAMIC ARC gives you the exact line to take, to achieve that perfect stroke. 

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